The House of Akshar is the solution for every person seeking to lead a sustainable lifestyle. We, at The House of Akshar refuse to accept Oxford Dictionary’s definition for sustainability as the “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

We believe that sustainability is the lone voice of reason in the ongoing fashion retail snafu and instead redefine sustainability as a personal lifestyle choice we all need to make for a better future for us and for planet Earth. And at the heart of sustainability lies one crucial element – YOU.  Sustainability is a personal choice we all need to make in order to save the Earth, albeit in style!In this crusade, we play our part with a creative range of sustainable clothing which is not just sustainable but also functional for your use and designed for all-day comfort.


One fine day, the Earth may stand still – but not under our watch! We have one war-cry, and that is – Let’s make responsibility fashionable!


Conceived by the eco-conscious mother-of-one, The House of Akshar saw its first light in 2018 with visionary CEO Kavya Praneeth. Our bijou family is helmed by 3 head-strong women, experienced in various dimensions of the fashion industry.

Kavya The #GirlBoss - She is the mastermind who likes to pull the strings from behind the curtain. A maestro with numbers and spreadsheets, she also knows her way around fabrics and people. Oh, and just so you know, she’s a Photoshop-aholic!

Rubina The #Style Guru – She is the one who ensures the brand remains “on fleek,” as per millennial lingo. A passionate stylist behind the scenes, she’s known for being a baby once the shoot is done!

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