Silk maintenance at home!

Our World, the Future, the Finances there are so many things on your plate to feel concerned about. Well that can be overwhelming many times but let me tell you while worrying about that, we are here to take care of few mundane yet crucial things of your life. i.e. How to take of your silk in this period of Quarantine.

Silk a luxurious and an expensive fabric that one wants to sustain for a lifetime. A fabric that is exquisite and no one would ever want to ruin even in their dreams a fabric that needs a lot of care. However taking care of your silk is now made simple with the following tips in this time of Quarantine.

1. Cut out chemicals Use a very mild detergent that is organically made, as detergents with high chemicals substance might ruin the silk threads.

If you do not have a mild detergent don’t you worry, we have got you covered use a good quality shampoo instead. 2. Delicate as Daisy Washing silks can be tricky business but using the delicate cycle in the washing machine might save your silk. It is advisable to not load heavier items with silk.

If you are using you trusty hands to wash the silks, soak your silk fabrics in cool water and rinse with cold water. Do not twist and turn the fabric as it may cause serious damage. Use a towel gently to soak excess water. 3. Dry it out If you love your silk never make the mistake of drying the silk in direct sun, dry them in shade while using hand dry method to avoid faded look. Tumble dry is a complete no no for silk fabrics. 4. We like it crisp Ironing the most delicate fabric sure is not a cake walk but we will give some pro tips to save the big bucks. Your silk fabric should be damp while ironing, always use a towel between the silk and the iron to protect the protein fibres from the heat. Let you garments to completely cool of before you put it on. 5. Survival kit. Silk have serious threat of being attacked by moths. Say no to moths by storing your silks in a cool, dry place in your wardrobes. Use muslin to wraps your silk fabrics in it, you can also use cloth bags as the silk protein fibres need to breathe.

Plastic bags are an absolute no. An organic option to avoid moth attack is using dry neem leaves in your wardrobes. So just add a Potli of neem leaves in your drawers and don’t forget to thank your Nani’s and Dadi’s for this amazing tip.

6. Refold and Repeat Don’t let your precious silks stay in one place for a long time, remove it from the wardrobe and let it breathe. Refold every couple of months to enhance the life of the silks.

A silk blouse, you perfect lingerie the breadth taking bathrobes and the exquisite dress all need your love and care this quarantine.

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